My 50th birthday. Do these bushes make my butt look big?

My 50th birthday. Do these bushes make my butt look big?

About Melissa

I created this blog in 2019, while in my mid-50’s, as a place to share everything I am learning during this transformative season in my life. You don’t have to be middle-aged to enjoy this blog, most of my topics will entertain women of any age, but it will resonate with those of us who are over the age of 40 (and beyond) and it will hopefully inspire women of younger generations by re-defining what it means to be a “middle-aged woman” in our current culture.

My recipe for Zucchini Breakfast Soup was featured in Good Housekeeping on the website and in the magazine:

My recipe for Zucchini Breakfast Soup was featured in Good Housekeeping on the website and in the magazine:

I began my cooking journey when I turned 50, when I suddenly found myself with enough time to start living. I traveled extensively (Malaysia, Hungary, Italy, Dubai) learning the history and traditions of the cultures and their cuisines . I did not attend culinary school or take a cooking class, I simply learned by hanging out in restaurant kitchens in Mexico, shadowing Nonas in their Italian farmhouse kitchens, collecting simple and exotic recipes wherever I could find them, watching shows and videos and parking myself in my own kitchen for hours every day creating foods I had never heard of while falling in love with their deep flavors and vibrant colors .

This section is my communal table where food brings us together, nourishing both our soul and our bodies, thereby improving our overall health. This is where I share food memories from a distant past when I was a skinny tomboy growing up in rural Oklahoma, and it is also the place where I share my evolution in the kitchen as an inquisitive and rebellious cook.

This section is a result of a combination of health “issues” that have inconvenienced me since turning 50:

  • Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (autoimmune disease attacking the thyroid gland which controls many body functions including metabolism)

  • Menopause (a.k.a. where the hell did my waist go)

  • A freak accident resulting in 5 breaks and several fractures in my shoulder and upper arm requiring delicate surgery, 9 weeks of bedrest (or “sofa-rest” surrounded by pillows and Netflix) and 9 weeks of agonizing physical therapy

I spend a great deal of time taking care of my physical health whether eating healthy (with the occasional cheat meal!) or curling 30lb dumbbells at the gym. Every day I challenge myself to find new ways to stall the aging process and reverse the effects of menopause on my HOT (flash), hormone-depleted body. I am slowly transforming in ways I never imagined and the transformation is not simply a result of healthy eating and exercise, it is also from trying desperately to maintain a positive outlook even though I no longer recognize the woman I see in the mirror. My biggest challenge now is learning to love myself again and that will only come with intensive self-care (with a dash of denial sprinkled on top).

Everyday things in my life: travel, photography, style, beauty, humor, pet topics, marriage topics.

A place for discovery, inspiration and HUGE doses of sarcasm-laced humor as it relates to being a middle-aged woman, a stereotype I deeply despise which I define as: a woman who has lost her usefulness and her sex-appeal and is basically an invisible part of society judging by how we are under-represented and mis-represented in the media.

This gal will not be silenced or ignored. Hang on to your Spanx, ladies, it’s about to get even hotter up in here (<menopause humor).